Organic seeded sourdough or ciabatta toast with butter 9.5
+ choose your spread from peanut butter, vegemite, conserve della nonna (italian jam)

Artisan fruit toast, organic cream, honey (V) 13

Baked ricotta cheescake 13

Schulz organic yoghurt, fresh seasonal berries, granola, vincotto (V) 16

Breakfast bruschetta, portobello mushroom, reggiano spread, medley tomato, balsamic (V) 19

Tuscan baked eggs with slow braised wagyu beef ragù, san marzano sugo, sardinian pecorino, toasted ciabatta 26

Piemontese Eggs benedict with poached veal, tuna mayo, organic seeded sourdough 26

Nduja scrambled eggs, pickled chilli, toasted ciabatta 21 + fresh avocado 6

Smashed avocado, pecorino romano, salsa verde, pepitas, organic seeded sourdough (V) 21 + poached egg 3

Poached pastured organic eggs on seeded sourdough 14
+ peter bouchier dry cured streaky bacon / fresh avocado / sautéed broccolini 6 + king brown mushroom / baby wilted spinach / roasted tomato 4
+ poached pastured organic egg / gf toast 3

V Vegetarian VG Vegan GF Gluten Free

Please disclose your food allergies before ordering · Alterations may incur a surcharge
A 1.5% surcharge applies on all card payments, a 10% surcharge applies on Sundays and a 15% surcharge applies on Public Holidays, grazie

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